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Guangzhou takes the lead in setting up an accidental injury insurance station for the elderly to sol

Issuing time:2018-05-18 00:00

Guangzhou took the lead in the mainland Thursday in providing a "one to one, time to determine liability" service for elderly people's accidental injury insurance. The old people that ginseng protects this insurance, can be in henceforth live (village) appoint or street town government affairs serves a center to achieve nearby even door-to-door deal with relevant consultation and claim settlement service, solve old people "claim settlement is difficult" problem.

"Yinling ankang action" comprehensive accidental injury insurance for the elderly was jointly launched by guangdong provincial civil affairs department, guangdong provincial office for the elderly and China life insurance guangdong branch. The coverage covers accidental death (accidental disability) and accidental hospitalization allowance at $6,000. The "yinling health action" breaks through the restriction that commercial insurance cannot cover the aged over 65, makes up for the deficiencies in the coverage and degree of social security and basic medical insurance, improves the elderly's ability to resist risks, and relieves the burden on individuals, families and the government.

As of May 30, 2017, nearly 1.18 million people had been insured in guangzhou, covering 81.2 percent of the population, since the "yinling health action" was launched in October 2014. The accumulative compensation has benefited more than 14,000 people, with a compensation amount of nearly 21 million yuan. "Yinling ankang action" through the introduction of insurance mutual assistance mechanism, to achieve the old people's insurance "small subsidy" to "big security" value.

As ginseng coverage and social popularity of the rapid rise, claim cases, the elderly to consulting and claims service demand is increasing, to get through "the silver age in ankang action" service especially the "last one kilometer" of claims service, responsible for the underwriting insurance company invested more than 3000 people, for the city's 2638 r (village) "one-to-one" service, ensure that every village in the stationary point service no less than once a week, to ensure that the "people", "time", "fixed point", "proportional amount" to provide service to people, for the old man accident injury insurance claims, advisory, underwriting, publicity and health management, etc.

Now 89 years old, grandma kong lives in huadi street, liwan district. In December 2016, she accidentally fell down and was hospitalized with a fracture of her left patella. As early as August 2016, grandma kong volunteered to pay 200 yuan for herself to participate in a comprehensive insurance for accidental injury of the elderly. In April 2017, the family contacted the insurance company to file a claim, and within one week of receiving the claim, the insurance company paid 2,000 yuan in accidental injury medical treatment and 14,400 yuan in accidental hospitalization allowance for the elderly, easing the financial burden for the family.

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