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Brief history of swing

Issuing time:2018-08-09 14:07

Swing is a sports event, too. It's a popular sport for the public, but it's very popular among China's ethnic minorities. The historical development origin of swing is long-standing, it is a kind of movement that the minority nationality that lives in the north by ancient times invents at first, early in the spring and autumn period already introduced central plain, because fun is easy to learn, installation is simple to be loved by people, be popular with wide range quickly rise. Later in some festivals and celebrations also as folk sports activities handed down.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, all the prosperity, swing back to the past popular. In the 1980s of reform and opening up, the state sports commission formulated the "rules for swing competition" (draft). By 1999, the sixth national minority sports meeting, swing has developed into a larger project that includes 6 individual items. The swing competition is for women only. There are individual, double and team events. There are height events and bell events. Height competition is calculated by the highest point reached within the specified number of try swings, and touch bell competition is calculated by the number of times the athlete touches the bell at the specified height and time. The competition venue is a rectangular flat ground of 20x8 meters, with a swing frame 12 meters high and a swing platform 1.3 meters high. In the height race, the competitor has 6 try swings and 1 try at the bell race. The swing, which has been active for thousands of years, still attracts people's interest. Combination swing is suitable for all kinds of places can be installed, loved in the family quite many see! Suitable for all ages to play, the health of physiological function is also very beneficial!

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